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Today is The Day That Problems Begin to Lose Their Grip on Your Life

One thing all problems have in common–depression, anxiety, stress, worry, or self-esteem–is that they attempt to conquer and divide you from living the life you truly desire…

Individual Counseling

Your Relationship Deserves More and Together We Can Get There

Throughout the course of your relationship it’s common to have challenging periods of time. Yet, longstanding patterns of arguing and bickering can eventually lead to becoming disconnected from one another…


Dr. Armando Gonzalez, Psychotherapist LMFT

Providing compassionate and effective counseling for Individuals, Couples, and Families

My Philosophy

It is my belief that we each posses the strengths within ourselves necessary to achieve the life we truly desire. Yet, sometimes in the midst of one of life’s storms, it might seem easy to lose sight of this and get thrown off track. Regardless of what unique circumstances you find yourself battling today, I hope that you take refuge in knowing that just by considering therapy you have moved one step closer to regaining the hope necessary to win back your happiness!

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Is your relationship struggling?

Are you and your partner tired of walking on eggshells? Fed up with living out the same cycle over and over again? Couples counseling can help provide you with a safe space to share the true feelings behind your fights, and teach you tools to get your relationship back on track.

We All Have A Story

Research shows that finding a therapist that is “the right fit” for you is linked to positive outcomes in counseling. While it is a vital part of my job to become acquainted with your story, I think it is equally important for you to have an opportunity to get to know a bit about my story as well.

Ready to Take Your Life Back?

Are you looking for a way out of depression or anxiety? Have you recently experienced a lot of life change and transitions that have you feeling overwhelmed? I specialize in providing supportive, effective, short-term individual counseling designed to help you replace frustration and despair with a sense of direction and resolution.

Have any Questions?

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